The light of redemption

As the war in Gaza continues to worsen, with nearly 8,000 Gazan children injured in the fighting, together we can provide shelter, care, safety and hope for the people of Gaza and their families.

Healthy Food

Diet not only affects physical health, it is also closely related to the health of the planet.


Every child deserves the best possible basic education to get them back to school


Everyone should have a healthy life and need a good medical environment

Pure Water

Water is our collective future and we must take action to provide people with clean water

Love & Care

Through love and companionship, making life and caring for life a way of life is our purpose

Travel Activities

People also need to relax and repair their injured souls

Caring for children

Let the children smile again

Caring for children with disabilities

Please give them a complete soul

Global hunger crisis

Hunger is the biggest threat facing children today. But together we can help children fight for their childhoods and feed their futures.


We know the world's children deserve better

How you’re changing children’s lives


All children deserve a healthy start in life


Every child deserves the opportunity to learn

Our Volunteers

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Alexander Dudley

Founder & Chair

Athena Lucas

General Assistant

Michael Clark

Support Staff

Olivia Grace Bennett

Administrative Assistant


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Taking care of the patient and complying with the doctor's requirements is very important, but this is a period full of pain and suffering.

Sarah Anderson

I'm happy to be able to do something for them. With great ability comes greater responsibility.

George Flavius

Let the sun fill the earth, let love and kindness illuminate us.

Peter Oliver