Donate cryptocurrency to save children

Today, children around the world face an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Worsening conflicts, climate catastrophes and the far-reaching impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic are exacerbating these problems. These crises are two sides of the same coin, symptoms of a broken system for children.

How does your cryptocurrency donation support our mission?

For more than two decades, Redemption Light’s mission has been based on a simple principle: All children have the right to health, education, and protection.

We will do everything we can to save children, but we can’t do it without you.

Redemption Light currently works in more than 100 countries. Your cryptocurrency donation supports our mission to keep children healthy, educated, and safe every day and in times of crisis.

Today, children around the world face an unprecedented humanitarian disaster, and our Children’s Emergency Fund is focused on those who need your help the most. These include children living in dangerous conflict zones such as Gaza and children fleeing violence in places such as Ukraine. Redemption Light provides relief to families in places like Somalia and Afghanistan who are suffering from the combined effects of the worsening global hunger crisis and climate shocks.

If you share our vision, please help us reach our donation goal and join our HODL Hope campaign.

Everything you need to know:
You can donate anonymously, but you won’t receive a tax bill unless you provide your email address.

Your cryptocurrency donation is tax deductible*. Redemption Light provides supporters who want to donate cryptocurrency to charity the ability to donate in a tax-efficient manner. The IRS classifies cryptocurrency donations as property, which means they offset capital gains taxes and are tax-deductible. Be sure to consult your tax advisor.

*adjustable. Please consult your tax advisor.

To appear on our HODL Hope leaderboard, click the “Donate Crypto” button and enter your community/token/NFT project in the “Donation Notes” field and fill out the contact form (or check the anonymous box) and enter your email to get your donation tax form.

We accept proceeds from NFT sales once converted to a cryptocurrency we accept, such as ETH.

If you have any questions or are interested in a cryptocurrency that is not listed in our wallet, please send an email to

Pursuant to U.S. Treasury Department regulations, Redempting Light cannot accept donations from individuals in OFAC-sanctioned countries. Redemption Light reserves the right to refund any cryptocurrency donation deemed to be from a known donor claiming to be located in these countries.

*Disclaimer: This page is for informational purposes only. It does not contain financial or investment advice. Please consult your local certified tax professional to determine whether your donation is tax deductible. (We are biased because we think you should invest in children because they are our future, but that decision is up to you.)