Aid from the Redemption Light organization arrives in Gaza, but it is far from meeting the needs

The picture shows the “Light of Redemption” supply truck heading to Gaza

Ramallah (29 October 2023) – A truck carrying 45,000 bottles of water from Redemption Light arrived in Gaza today, part of a small group of aid trucks allowed to enter through the Rafah crossing .

Another truck carrying 45,000 bottles of water may come through in the coming day. Since October 16, two trucks carrying “Light of Redemption” aid supplies have been waiting to enter Gaza.

While every possible opportunity to meet Gaza’s urgent needs is important, these two trucks – part of only a limited group allowed access – will never be able to meet the sheer scale of the need. According to the United Nations, approximately 100 truckloads of humanitarian supplies are needed every day to meet the needs of Gaza’s more than 2 million residents. The total number of trucks entering Gaza so far is below daily demand.

Gaza’s supplies of water, food, fuel and medical supplies are severely inadequate. Although more trucks are crossing the border, fuel shortages pose a major challenge to the distribution of aid.

Redemption Lights host Alexander Dudley said:
“While every aid that reaches families in Gaza is important, the current pace of delivery is woefully inadequate. Even before the current situation escalated, 80% of Gaza’s population relied on humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs. Children and their families Food, water and medical supplies are urgently needed, as well as fuel, shelter and hygiene items.

“Historically, the vast majority of aid to Gaza has flown humanitarian workers and humanitarian supplies through the two crossings with Israel – Erez and Kerem Shalom, and currently closed. Even if all crossings were open, it is unlikely that the huge and severe demands would be met.” The scale and magnitude of the needs of children and families, especially given the impact of the 16-year blockade on the environment, infrastructure, services and basic needs of the people of the Gaza Strip Impact on life prospects.
“Humanitarian aid and personnel must always be accessible safely, and this must happen immediately. Time is taking its toll in lives.